How to say “Thank You”


I’m watching Ellen, and I start to cry.  My kids start making fun of me…”Why do you always cry when you watch “Ellen”?”  I’m so touched by her generosity.  I think of the impact that she’s had on so many lives.  I cry because I see that there is still good in the world.

Then comes the awkward part – how do you say “Thank You” to a life changing gift?  That gets my wheels turning.  Am I showing gratitude enough for those that touch my life?

Thank You Note

There are really 3 ways to say “Thank You”.  In person, over the phone, and in writing.  But what method expresses true gratitude?  In person is always appropriate, but depending on the depth of your gratitude maybe you should follow it up with a written method.  Yes, this takes an extra moment but is the equivalent of giving a gift of gratitude back to the person that touched your life.   This written keepsake could mean the world to them.

Recently I was hired to make a college graduation blanket for a friend’s daughter.  Although I was paid to make this, the text message that she sent to me was a priceless compliment that I will forever cherish.  For many, kindness goes without acknowledgement, so taking a moment to send a text is always a great idea!

If you are very touched by another’s generosity or your heart is full take a moment to write it down and send it to them in the form of a note.  This is the ultimate expression of gratitude.  For you to take the time, write a short personal note, find a stamp, and mail it to the person is often unheard of now a days.  And imagine the joy of the recipient to find not a bill or junk mail, but a personal note instead.  I hope Ellen has a mailbox full of Thank You notes!

If you took the time to read this post – Thank You!


The one question that can make or break your relationship


I’ll admit it – I am in love with being in love.  I watch my eight year old daughter and worry for her in the future because I see it in her also – all of her Superhero dolls are paired with a Barbie or Monster High doll, holding hands, sitting on a lap – she is in love with being in love too.  I regularly find created scenes like this:


How do some couples stay in that deep love while others go complacent and become more like roommates?  I know so many more that fall into the second category than in the first.  I’ve summed this down to one question  “What did you do today to show me you loved me?”  This isn’t just for a successful marriage, it applies to children, parents, anyone that you are in a relationship with that you want to strengthen.  It doesn’t have to be a long list of things, just one will do.

Have you read “The Five Love Languages” by Gary D Chapman?  I realized by reading this that there were different ways that each person feels love and expressed it.  So many times when I wasn’t feeling like my love bank was full I would ask my husband that question “What did you do today to show me you loved me?”.  Maybe there was something that I missed.  I would ask myself the same question “What did I do today to show my husband/children that I loved them”.  Did I do something specifically for that person?  If there is an answer, you are working on strengthening your relationship.  If there’s no answer – you’re complacent.  Hope you enjoy a roommate over a companion!


5 Things to do when you are surplussed


Gone are the days when you graduated from high school or college and work for the same employer until retirement.  Yes, we’ve all heard it a million times over.  The economy is up, it’s down.  I returned into the work force this past summer after going crazy being a stay at home mom for the past 5 years.  I was working in a HIGH, HIGH end furniture business as a project manager.  But when the 2 million dollar project wasn’t landed by the sales rep, the company couldn’t afford to keep me on.

Being surplussed and being fired are two extremely different beasts.  The company still likes you, it’s not that you did anything wrong – in my case, as in many that I see, it’s the last one in the door in times of financial business trouble that are the first ones to be let go.

You’ve been surplussed – now what?  Here are  things that I would recommend:

#1 – Tell someone immediately that will be there to emotionally support you when you need it.    It can be embarrassing to tell another person, but do so immediately.  If you are in a situation where you have been surplussed you probably understand exactly why it happened in a business sense – but that doesn’t mean that you’re not going to hear Donald Trump in your head saying “YOU’RE FIRED”.  Have at least someone that will be the one to remind you that it really wasn’t you – it was the business.

#2 – Apply for UNEMPLOYMENT.  Do this the very same day that you have been surplussed.  NO, it wasn’t your fault that you are in this situation and you probably qualify for unemployment.   You can apply for this online.  You need to do this now because there is a one week waiting period from the time that you apply before you can start receiving benefits.  It took less than half an hour to find the website for my state and apply.  Find that website and get this done.  Know what you are going to be receiving for benefits, what you need to do to keep receiving them, and how much to expect.

#3 – Take a little bit of time to feel sorry for yourself.  I am that annoying person that pops out of bed at 5 am excited to start the day.  I was let go on Friday afternoon.  Saturday morning I stayed in bed until 11, Donald Trump resounding in my head.  I let out all my negative thoughts.  Then I referred to my emotional support person from #1.  He held me while I cried and listened.  WARNING – don’t let this go on for very long.  Get to #4 as quickly as possible.

#4 – UPDATE YOUR RESUME!!!  Please take at least an afternoon to really sit down and review your resume.  Read through it – update your job history, your responsibilities, and make sure your contact information is accurate.  This is a great time to make sure you have a strong reference list and cover letter.  There are many resources online for these.  Make sure you have PAPER AND ELECTRONIC COPIES AVAILABLE.

#5 – IF YOU HAVE THE LUXURY, DON’T BE DESPERATE IN TAKING THE NEXT JOB.  Yes, I have bills too that need to be paid.  This is why it’s important to understand your unemployment benefits.  You may need to take a lower paying job than what you had before to make ends meet…but that doesn’t mean you need to settle there.  Daily search for job opportunities on websites, sign up for text or email notifications, inquire in areas that you are interested in.  Use resources like and LinkedIn.  Find what web sites local employers are posting to.  There are also education programs that are offered in some areas to those that suffer job loss that are offered at a reduced cost or sometimes are even free.  This is a great way to learn a new marketable skill that could get you an even better job!

I know that you still may be hearing that voice saying “YOU’RE FIRED” in your head.  But in a surplus situation – it really wasn’t you, it was just a bad business situation.

My 2016 Goal


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  Yet there are traits that are universally seen as beautiful.  A slender body, a full bust line, flawless skin.  I asked my boss at the time about an executive that she had just come out of a meeting with and her response was “She was beautiful, both inside and out”.  Since that moment that is the definition of beauty that I desire to achieve.

Ironically 2016 rang in my 40th birthday as well.  I was surrounded by the best friends that a girl could ever dream of – those that exemplify beauty both on the inside and the outside.  These are my partners in crime, my examples of love – I wonder how I am lucky enough to be deserving of such love.

My 2016 goal focuses on inner beauty.  Being a Primary Chorister, songs relate well in many aspects of my life.  You may know this little ditty:

“I want to be kind to everyone, for that is right it’s true.  So I say to myself, remember this……Kindness begins with you.”

This is my year to be kinder.  To those I love, to those I don’t know, to animals, to our planet, to my children, to my husband, to myself.  Kindness will begin with me.chalk board

Speaking of kindness – check out this GORGEOUS frame and chalk board my friends made me for my office.  Working in high end furniture you just can’t have ANYTHING hanging on your wall!  I created the stencil on my Silhouette Cameo with a flourish from their store.  Quick project, amazing results!  How can you not be encouraged to do a small act of kindness by this piece!

Till next time – as Ellen says “Be kind to one another”.

February projects


I have been so busy that I don’t even seem to find the time to take pictures of the projects that have been completed before they are out the door!  Thought I would share with you a couple of the projects that were done this last month.

New Road Productions is my husband’s brother’s company.  I took his logo and gave him a new wardrobe to promote himself with.  Never heard from him but I’m sure he wears them all the time.

How cool is the “I love my Awesome WIFE” shirt?  A friend of mine gave this to her husband for Valentine’s day. So much fun to see him wear it!

Diamond Elite is a local dance group.  They gave me total creative freedom…so I gave them SPARKLE!

I was hired to work in new colors….for a Madison High School Senior quilt.  I took her basketball jerseys and recreated into a keepsake!

The last picture is of a wrestler’s sweatpants.  Why not add your personal touch!

I’m already knee deep in the next round of projects…will be sharing with you soon!

New Road Productions I love my awesome wife Diamond Elite 2015 madison high school blanket 2015 chris sweat pants

Rigby High Student Council Jackets


Today I finished a custom order for the Rigby High School Student Council.  These kids are uber creative!  These are a performance fleece, 1/4 zip sweatshirt that they will be wearing when representing their school at the state meeting next month.  The large Trojan head on the back has a darker maroon outline below the white logo.  Using the same color from the sweatshirt then going just a shade and a half darker compliments the design in a subtle way.


Rigby High School Student Council Jackets 2014-2015

Rigby High School Student Council Jackets 2014-2015

Re-purposing my childhood chalkboard


old chalkboard life is better chalkboardThis summer when we visited my parents they were packing up to move and there it was! The chalkboard! This means of communication was hung by our corded phone and was the central place of information. It was this chalkboard that let you know what chores needed to be done, who was where, and often would let us know if we were in trouble. I begged to have the chalkboard and was the lucky recipient. I knew right where I would hang in in my home. Well today was the day for it to take it’s new residence. Now with cell phones, texting, and so many other means of communication the old use is gone and I hope now to have it filled with quotes of hope and inspiration. I followed the tutorial off, downloaded a quote from the silhouette store, and less than ten minutes later had this masterpiece hanging up! Easy Peasy!