Busy Book/Quiet Book


I really don’t know which one to call them…my vote would be “Time Consuming Book”.  At first for you but really worth it when they are consuming your kids time instead!  I decided to finally crack down and make one now that my baby is growing up.  Unfortunately my high school senior missed out.  But since I was putting the time into one, might as well duplicate and make 5 to take care of my adorable nieces and nephews, as well as a friend too.  These took me almost two weeks to put together but were a great project over the holiday break.  Most pages were from other bloggers that are posted under Quiet Books on my Pinterest page.  The castle was all mine though – with the embroidery for the princess from LynnePynne.com.   These are the pages from Brooke’s book.  Each book had a combination of different pages.

Traffic light with velcro, Dump truck with button on wheels

Traffic light with velcro, Dump truck with button on wheels


Practice tying on ballet shoes. The soccer cleat can be laced up also!

princess castle

This one I designed myself! There have been more princesses added. They are finger puppets that fit on top of the towers as well as in the castle.

picnic page

This is Brooke’s favorite page. The fruit and veggies are stored in the basket that was woven from felt pieces. Bon Appetit!

face and suitcase

The face and parts were taken from another blogger. I put the snap together suitcase as a place to store all those parts.

bear tent and rainbow

Both these pages are modifications of ideas that I’d seen on other blogs.

busy book cover

The cover of one of the books. Most of the covers were made from left over minke that I had lying around. Great use of extra material!

bugs in jar


4 thoughts on “Busy Book/Quiet Book

  1. Mom R

    Wow Jen! I’ve made these books before and they aren’t easy. These look wonderful and I know the kids will love them. Love you

  2. Melissa D

    Wow Jen those pages are amazing! I made one this year for Cole and it about killed me. I didn’t know you had a blog! How cool! Hope everything is going well for you guys. Miss you!

    • Thanks Mel! They are time consuming but thankfully can last forever! I was just mentioning to Rex that we should vacation over on your coast next year to see you! Miss you tons too!

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