Special requests


I have been terrible at posting, and not for the lack of not having projects going on.  Maybe the opposite – too many projects going on!  I swore that this year I was going to finish projects that I started.  Well, there is still a lot of finishing to do, but I received a couple special requests recently that I just had to do!

My sister who is also a GRANDMA…whoa that word makes me break out into a sweat of fear…was telling me how much her daughter in law loves the quiet book that I sent.  This was the perfect opportunity for me to make a younger child’s quiet book!  The reviews by my 6 year old were perfect: “Mom, it’s got to be for babies.  There’s nothing to do and it’s not fun”

I’m awfully proud of this one though!  Check out these pages:

animals for eloisebaby chicks pagebaby chicks 2counting page 1counting page 2lionowl page 1owl page 2flower pag 1flower page 2fish page 1fish page 2frog page 1frog page