Re-purposing my childhood chalkboard


old chalkboard life is better chalkboardThis summer when we visited my parents they were packing up to move and there it was! The chalkboard! This means of communication was hung by our corded phone and was the central place of information. It was this chalkboard that let you know what chores needed to be done, who was where, and often would let us know if we were in trouble. I begged to have the chalkboard and was the lucky recipient. I knew right where I would hang in in my home. Well today was the day for it to take it’s new residence. Now with cell phones, texting, and so many other means of communication the old use is gone and I hope now to have it filled with quotes of hope and inspiration. I followed the tutorial off, downloaded a quote from the silhouette store, and less than ten minutes later had this masterpiece hanging up! Easy Peasy!


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