February projects


I have been so busy that I don’t even seem to find the time to take pictures of the projects that have been completed before they are out the door!  Thought I would share with you a couple of the projects that were done this last month.

New Road Productions is my husband’s brother’s company.  I took his logo and gave him a new wardrobe to promote himself with.  Never heard from him but I’m sure he wears them all the time.

How cool is the “I love my Awesome WIFE” shirt?  A friend of mine gave this to her husband for Valentine’s day. So much fun to see him wear it!

Diamond Elite is a local dance group.  They gave me total creative freedom…so I gave them SPARKLE!

I was hired to work in new colors….for a Madison High School Senior quilt.  I took her basketball jerseys and recreated into a keepsake!

The last picture is of a wrestler’s sweatpants.  Why not add your personal touch!

I’m already knee deep in the next round of projects…will be sharing with you soon!

New Road Productions I love my awesome wife Diamond Elite 2015 madison high school blanket 2015 chris sweat pants