The one question that can make or break your relationship


I’ll admit it – I am in love with being in love.  I watch my eight year old daughter and worry for her in the future because I see it in her also – all of her Superhero dolls are paired with a Barbie or Monster High doll, holding hands, sitting on a lap – she is in love with being in love too.  I regularly find created scenes like this:


How do some couples stay in that deep love while others go complacent and become more like roommates?  I know so many more that fall into the second category than in the first.  I’ve summed this down to one question  “What did you do today to show me you loved me?”  This isn’t just for a successful marriage, it applies to children, parents, anyone that you are in a relationship with that you want to strengthen.  It doesn’t have to be a long list of things, just one will do.

Have you read “The Five Love Languages” by Gary D Chapman?  I realized by reading this that there were different ways that each person feels love and expressed it.  So many times when I wasn’t feeling like my love bank was full I would ask my husband that question “What did you do today to show me you loved me?”.  Maybe there was something that I missed.  I would ask myself the same question “What did I do today to show my husband/children that I loved them”.  Did I do something specifically for that person?  If there is an answer, you are working on strengthening your relationship.  If there’s no answer – you’re complacent.  Hope you enjoy a roommate over a companion!



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