How to say “Thank You”


I’m watching Ellen, and I start to cry.  My kids start making fun of me…”Why do you always cry when you watch “Ellen”?”  I’m so touched by her generosity.  I think of the impact that she’s had on so many lives.  I cry because I see that there is still good in the world.

Then comes the awkward part – how do you say “Thank You” to a life changing gift?  That gets my wheels turning.  Am I showing gratitude enough for those that touch my life?

Thank You Note

There are really 3 ways to say “Thank You”.  In person, over the phone, and in writing.  But what method expresses true gratitude?  In person is always appropriate, but depending on the depth of your gratitude maybe you should follow it up with a written method.  Yes, this takes an extra moment but is the equivalent of giving a gift of gratitude back to the person that touched your life.   This written keepsake could mean the world to them.

Recently I was hired to make a college graduation blanket for a friend’s daughter.  Although I was paid to make this, the text message that she sent to me was a priceless compliment that I will forever cherish.  For many, kindness goes without acknowledgement, so taking a moment to send a text is always a great idea!

If you are very touched by another’s generosity or your heart is full take a moment to write it down and send it to them in the form of a note.  This is the ultimate expression of gratitude.  For you to take the time, write a short personal note, find a stamp, and mail it to the person is often unheard of now a days.  And imagine the joy of the recipient to find not a bill or junk mail, but a personal note instead.  I hope Ellen has a mailbox full of Thank You notes!

If you took the time to read this post – Thank You!


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