I’m back!!!!!


It’s been a while since I’ve posted – but I’m back! No, I haven’t given up on projects – quiet the opposite. There have been so many things that I have been working on. This summer I went out to Michigan one last time and found the inspiration that I felt was lost. Ever feel like you get stuck in a rut and your creativity is stalled? That’s exactly what I was feeling! Coming back home I’ve vowed to be true to the real me and tap into what I love.  First on the list is focusing on the custom blankets.  I love putting these together Here are the ones that I made for my sons graduation present, one for baseball season designed with my youngest son, and a special order for a coach’s present.  More later – I promise!20140601_21142720140427_19001920140518_204321


Special requests


I have been terrible at posting, and not for the lack of not having projects going on.  Maybe the opposite – too many projects going on!  I swore that this year I was going to finish projects that I started.  Well, there is still a lot of finishing to do, but I received a couple special requests recently that I just had to do!

My sister who is also a GRANDMA…whoa that word makes me break out into a sweat of fear…was telling me how much her daughter in law loves the quiet book that I sent.  This was the perfect opportunity for me to make a younger child’s quiet book!  The reviews by my 6 year old were perfect: “Mom, it’s got to be for babies.  There’s nothing to do and it’s not fun”

I’m awfully proud of this one though!  Check out these pages:

animals for eloisebaby chicks pagebaby chicks 2counting page 1counting page 2lionowl page 1owl page 2flower pag 1flower page 2fish page 1fish page 2frog page 1frog page

All mommy does is make things…


Brooke asked me the other day “Why does daddy work so hard for our family and all you do is make things?”  Needless to say Rex about died laughing as I calmly responded “Because I’m the lucky one”.  Not a day goes by that I don’t feel so blessed to have such a wonderful husband.  And I know that later in life my kids will realize that I really did more than just make things.

But – there is a good reason for Brooke to think the way she does!  This week I was lucky enough to run into a woman that honored me by asking me to create a onesie to announce to her son that he is becoming a big brother!  She didn’t know what she wanted – doesn’t know the gender of the baby yet – but wanted something cute.  I came up with the following designs that I hope are unisex enough!

big brother onesie

I also finished another towel – this time the monster version that my sister and I were all crazy about.  Her son just HAD to have one!  Sadly you get me modeling it!  But I’m thinking I may need my own hooded towel soon.  These are so cute and are my top present to give this year!

Monster towel for Scotty

Monster towel for Scotty

T shirt crazy!!!!


I have become a little crazy about making t-shirts lately.  Maybe it’s my sub conscious telling me that I really want it to warm up!  Brooke keeps requesting Monster High shirts, MORP is coming up, and really who doesn’t have an idea for a t shirt at all times!  This week’s tshirts are going off to my long distance nieces and nephews who I want to send a little love to.  Hopefully these will spare them the pain of being pinched!

ryder st patricks day shirts

A new toy for Momma!


This week was filled with a little of this, a little of that.  I finished this blanket for our Rigby Trojan’s Girls Soccer team.  They are not sure how they are going to use it so I saved the customization till that time.  I’m thinking a soccer ball covering the center 21 with either a name or number in the middle of it.

feb soccer blanket donation

The excitement was over my new embroidery machine coming in this week!  My 1998 ensante literally had smoke coming out of it as it gave up and passed on to where ever sewing machines go when they die.  (I’m thinking of trying ebay to sell it for parts)  Now I have a nifty Singer Futura, and the embroidery hoop is huge on this machine!  Brooke and I made some pocket princesses that I sent off to my brother Jon’s girls to test this baby out.  This morning I did a baptism towel for one of my primary girls.  The princesses turned out better than the towel.  I’m a bit disappointed in the gaps in the CTR…but will try a different stablizer and see if the results are better.  I have a feeling we’ll have pocket princesses coming out of the woodwork soon, unless I can come up with some other embroidery projects!

baptism towel

Save the Landfills!


I’m not out to start hugging trees anytime soon.  But can you honestly say that you’re not a collector of plastic grocery bags?  Yes, I have the reusable bags.  Yes they are in my car’s trunk.  Yes I forget to take them into the store EVERY time!  So I end up with this:grocery bags

If you tell me you don’t have a collection like this somewhere in your house too I’m going to think that you are lying.

Well, second problem…people are always complaining that our house isn’t clearly marked with our address.  I painted the rocking chair red on our porch so I can give that as a reference, but needed just a little better touch.

So, why not kill two birds with one stone and make an outdoor pillow?  I made the inside of the pillow with some flannel backed vinyl that I had left over from an upholstery project.  I used the plastic grocery bags as stuffing, some extra muslin and a little heat press vinyl and VIOLA!!!!  Now the pillow is made only for looks, stuffed with plastic grocery bags it does make a weird noise when squished and it’s not even close to being comfortable.  But it is weatherproof!porch pillow

And by the collection from above it looks like it may be time to make another pillow…or actually recycle!

They’re going to Disneyland!


shumway disney tshirtsNope, it’s still not me going to Disneyland.  But you can always be excited for someone else!  Next week my sister and her family take off for a well needed vacation.  If you’ve been to Disneyland you know you really want a special t-shirt to blend in with all the other mouseketeers.  I put together the zebra print Minnie Mouse heads for the girls – don’t you just love the glitter bows!  These t-shirts are cute enough to actually wear outside the theme park!  Pre-teen boys are harder to cater to so I thought vintage Mickey would be pretty cool.  Doesn’t the printable heat press vinyl look fantastic?  The next couple weeks will be filled with a lot of t-shirt design and this project has me all excited to start!